Roofs, Troughs and Facia

"Up in the air" about who to call concerning roofs, troughs or facias for your residential or commercial needs in the Windsor Essex area? Let Yahwey Renovations take out the guess work. From our long experience, we know what is needed to protect your building from the elements to drastically lengthen its life and give it that finished look. Need us to install or repair a simple and affordable eavestrough system to prevent water damage to bricks, foundation and roof? No problem. We can also ensure that the facia (the flat, horizontal band that surrounds the edge of your roof) does its job to promote air circulation to attic and eaves, while preventing maintenance costs and major restoration. When it comes to roofing companies, they come a dime a dozen. But if you're looking for professional know-how and quality work that lasts (without the loud music or crude language), you can definitely trust Yahwey Renovations. We'll replace or restore your residential or commercial roof for an honest price with as little stress as possible. Why not "take a leap" and call for a quote today?

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